INNOPATHS takes part in European Commission’s High Level Workshop

The Council has invited the Commission to come up with a proposal for a strategy for a long term EU GHG emissions reduction, in accordance with the Paris Agreement. The intention of the Commission is to present a proposal before the COP24 to be held in Katowice in December.

On June 28th, the European Commission organized a High Level workshop in Brussels on the topic “R&I contribution to the strategy for long term EU greenhouse gas emissions.” The workshop aimed at identifying the lessons or conclusions which can be drawn from some key EU-funded R&I projects and activities. The objective was therefore to identify such lessons or conclusions and discuss them with members of DG Research, the EPSC, DG CLIMA, DG ENER, and the other Commission Services involved.

Elena Verdolini was asked to focus on the topic of decarbonization innovation, and two provide insights with respect to two key questions: what can we expect from decarbonization innovation? How can we ensure that it will come about? Three main messages emerged from the presentation. First, public policies should be designed to provide incentives for the development of a portfolio of low-carbon technologies rather than picking winners. Second, there is the need to manage the transitional costs associated with the process of decarbonization, especially for what concerns competitiveness and trade dynamics. Third, successful policy mixes are those which are tailored to the capability of a each country. For more details, please have a look at the presentation below, or feel free to send an email to:

180628_EV_Decarbonization_Innovation download