D 3.4 Prototype of Low Carbon Pathways Platform


The aim of the Low Carbon Pathways Platform (LCPP) is to make the newly-developed technologically-detailed decarbonisation pathways for Europe easily accessible to stakeholders from industry, policy and society. This document details the initial prototype of the two interactive visualization tools contained in the LCPP: The first tool is a user-friendly visualization interface that allows the users to access all the relevant variables developed in the project models: the scenario explorer. The second, a guided storyline exploration tool, helps users to develop an intuition both for the energy system changes required for a low-carbon transition and for the causes and effects of decarbonization actions in the different sectors and across sectors. It thus provides an entry point for users not accustomed to exploring energy system scenario data, giving them a first experience of how the energy and price quantities actually tell a story of the transformation, of the market developments and the financing needs, of the policy drivers and of the socio-economic effects.