Climate-change induced uncertainties, risks and opportunities for the coal-based region of Silesia: Stakeholders’ perspectives

Transformation of coal-dependent regions in the European Union has received much lower research interest than industry decarbonisation. Moreover, even if territorial strategies are proposed, positive aspects are highlighted, while the risks are neglected or not addressed explicitly. In this context, we explore transition stakeholders’ beliefs and perception about political, economic, social, environmental and technological risks and opportunities for the coal-dependent region of Silesia (Poland) – the largest European coal region. A multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary assessment of risks and opportunities demonstrates that all stakeholders but NGOs consider the consequences of climate change-induced uncertainties unambiguously negative. The territorial analysis of Silesian counties based on the Prevalent Vulnerability Index scoring shows that virtually all counties with the ongoing coal mining activity are expected to face difficulties with adapting to changes.

Written by Tadeusz Skoczkowski, Sławomir Bielecki, Maksymilian Kochański and Katarzyna Korczak.

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