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Decarbonising Industry

Key messages: Policy makers need to support technology development and diffusion in the decarbonisation of industrial sectors and address associated socioeconomic issues. Deep decarbonisation of industry by 2050 requires an […]

Decarbonising Transport

Key messages: Strong policies are needed to push the EU transport system towards adopting zero-emission technologies tailored to the different transport markets across the EU. Short-term transport decarbonisation priorities include […]

Decarbonising Buildings

Key messages: Decarbonising European homes will require governments to ensure clear and supportive governance structures to establish, monitor and enforce effective energy efficiency building regulations. Energy efficiency, along with the […]

Decarbonising Electricity

Key messages: A net-zero EU in 2050 requires net-zero electricity emissions by 2040. Achieving net-zero electricity emissions by 2040 in the EU is possible and affordable. Net-zero electricity emissions by […]