Understanding green good specialisation in EU countries: new facts from new data

Filippo Bontadini and Francesco Vona outline their findings from constructing and analysing a new dataset identifying green production in the EU, important information for understanding how the European Green Deal can succeed in transitioning the Union to climate-neutrality by 2050. In December 2019 the European Commission announced the European Green Deal, a policy initiative setting […]

Where does the money come from? Sources of finance for the European energy transition

We analyse supply of and demand for finance in major scenarios for the European energy transition until 2050, and contrast this to the available sources of such finance. The good news is that sufficient private money is – in principle – available. However, the bad news is that it is not (yet) available in the […]

Green stimulus, jobs and the post-pandemic green recovery

This blog was first published on VoxEU & CEPR Many governments worldwide are currently considering fiscal recovery packages to address the Covid-19 crisis. This column analyses the impact of past green fiscal stimulus on employment. Focusing on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act after the Global Crisis, it finds that that the green stimulus was […]

Large impact of efficient technologies and behaviours on energy demand in buildings

The energy-consuming activities carried out in buildings are extremely diverse. Examples spread from boiling water for a cup of tea in the UK and working on a computer in an American bank to using an air conditioner in India or cooking with traditional biomass in Africa. Due to this diversity, there will be no one-size-fits-all […]

Central banking and the energy transition

Continuous renewable energy deployment may be less certain than previously thought. If interest rates rise, the cost of renewable energy is disproportionately affected compared to fossil fuel alternatives. Thermostatic policies can help ensuring renewable energy deployment in such environments. Image above: Continuous deployment of wind farms may be less certain than previously thought. Aerial take […]

Unheard voices across the lifecycle of digital technologies and low-carbon transitions

Lived experiences of cobalt miners in the DRC and e-waste workers in Ghana We are living in a society that relies heavily on digital technology, and these technologies have become so engrained in our everyday lives that we rarely question where they come from, whose labour contributes to their existence and what happens after we […]